Rakino Island Ferry Services Information:

Rakino Island ferry - COVID Level 3

Due to Alert Level 3, there will be a reduced Rakino Island ferry schedule. These sailings are for the permitted travel of residents already on the island.

Note: Overnight stays at bachs remain prohibited under Alert Level 3 Step 1.



Depart Rakino Depart Downtown
Wednesday 20th October 11.40am 3.35pm
Wednesday 27th October 11.40am 3.35pm


Essential supplies can be loaded on the 3.35pm sailing and will be carried to the island for collection.

Please remember to scan the QR code onboard the vessels, and wear a face covering while at the wharves and on board the ferry.

Methods of payment are Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard.

Please scan the NZ Tracer App QR codes on board to assist with contact tracing should the need arise.

Please do not travel if you: have been requested to self-isolate/quarantine, are unwell, or are awaiting COVID-19 test results.

Downtown Ferry Terminal Pier changes

From Monday 5th July Pier 4W will be renamed Pier 14.

All Rakino services will operate as scheduled from Pier 14

Please click here for more information

As Rakino is a pest free island, there are a few things you need to know before your journey. Please see our luggage policy for important biosecurity information. If luggage does not meet the requirements we may be unable to carry it onboard.

Please arrive at the wharf 15-20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.


Depart Rakino Depart Downtown
Wednesday 20th October 11.40am 3.35pm
Wednesday 27th October 11.40am 3.35pm

COVID Level 4 - Fares

Methods of payment are EFTPOS/Visa/Mastercard

One Way Return 10 Trips# Stanley Bay Surcharge
Adults $42.00 $67.00 $300.00 $4.00 pp
Children (5 to 15yrs inclusive*) $25.00 $37.00 $165.00 $4.00 pp
Secondary Student* $25.00 $37.00 $165.00 $4.00 pp
Family One-Way Pass** $95.00 n/a n/a $4.00 pp
Additional Luggage*** $10.00 - - -
Dangerous Goods*** Free - - -
Delivery Ticket**** - $25.00 - -


* Under 14 years must be accompanied by an Adult. Please call Belaire Ferries on 09 416 6344 to discuss travel options. Secondary students 16 years and older must provide Student ID to be eligible for a concessionary fare.
** Family One-Way Pass – Up to 4 passengers, maximum 2 adults
*** All items are carried subject to our luggage policy
**** The Delivery Ticket is available to passengers who would like to accompany luggage or children to Rakino and then immediately return to Downtown Auckland on the same sailing.

Rakino Island Ferry Service Luggage Allowance

General Luggage

Each passenger may bring the equivalent of one carry on bag and one medium size suitcase

Carry on bag: Max 7Kg
Medium sized suitcase:  Max 23Kg

Maximum Dimensions
No single dimension may exceed 1.5m

Additional luggage is carried at the discretion of the Master and will be charged for accordingly.

Additional Luggage: $10 per item
Unaccompanied Luggage will not be carried

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods of a certain size, quantity, and substance may be brought aboard the ferry at no charge.

Dangerous Goods must be declared to the crew and are carried at the sole discretion of the vessel’s Master.

Please note that there is very limited space on board for dangerous goods.

Gas Bottle: Max 9kg
Fuel Jerry can: Max 20L
Batteries: Max 23kg

Other Items

Items that will not be carried:
Furniture and Whiteware
Bulk Construction Materials
Large Solar Panels
Large Batteries
Large Generators

Small plants may be carried provided that Department of Conservation biosecurity requirements are met.

As we operate a passenger service, there are limitations to the size and quantity of luggage that we can carry. If you require freight to be delivered to the island we recommend contacting one of the following:

Sealink Freight The Facilitator Auckland Sea Shuttles
Website Website Website
0800 732 546 0211 666 136 0508732748

Dangerous Goods

To ensure the safety of passengers on our vessels, we require that all dangerous goods are declared to the skipper and carried subject to the following rules.

Empty fuel containers and gas canisters are still considered dangerous goods by law and will be handled accordingly. All dangerous goods are carried at the discretion of the Skipper.

Our vessels have limits to the number of dangerous goods that can be carried at any one time. Please contact us beforehand if you would like further information, or to advise us of your intention to bring dangerous goods on board.


Battery terminals must be covered with caps or non-conductive tape, or be stored inside an appropriately sealed water resistant packaging. Batteries must be separated from other types of dangerous goods. The battery should be light enough to be moved by one person. If you are unsure if your battery is suitable for carriage on our service, please call us to discuss your options.

Petrol and Diesel

Petrol and Diesel must be carried in an approved, labelled container (max 20 litres). Container must be able to withstand the rigours of transport by sea. Container must be within its expiry date if applicable. Container must be fuel tight.

Gas Bottles

Gas must be in an approved, currently certified and labelled container (max 9kg). Container must be able to withstand the rigours of transport by sea. Container must be gas/fuel tight with minimal rust.

SCUBA Dive Tanks

Dive tanks must have current certification (bi-annual hydrostatic check and annual visual check by a certified technician). Tank must be able to withstand the rigours of transport by sea.

Other Dangerous Goods

Items with a fuel tank must be declared and the tank should be empty. Other dangerous substances must be declared and stowed safely under the direction of the vessel crew. If in doubt declare the item to the Master of the vessel. Container must have no signs of rust, and be gas/fuel tight.


Help save our Treasure Islands
If you discover a pest on the island call the DOC 24 hour emergency hotline: 0800 362 468

Rakino Island is a Pest Free Island and is subject to strict biosecurity standards enforced by the Department of Conservation and Auckland Council’s Biosecurity team. Belaire Ferries is obliged to ensure that passenger’s luggage complies with the following requirements:


Footwear should be clean of mud before boarding the ferry. There is a permanent shoe brush available for use on Pier 3b. This is to prevent unwanted seeds reaching the island.

General Luggage

All luggage should be packed in sealed boxes or bags that can be zipped or tied closed. Luggage should be sealed up when you depart from home for the ferry, and should remain closed until you have reached the island to prevent unwanted pests hitching a ride.

Bags should be clean of mud to prevent unwanted seeds reaching the island.


Soak seedlings in water and observe for about 10 minutes. Larger plants should be soaked for up to an hour depending on their size. Any ants or plague skinks/eggs should evacuate or drown.

Check for Stowaways

Rats, mice, Argentine ants and rainbow skinks are all pests considered detrimental to our native fauna and flora. All gear should be checked before you leave home to ensure there are no stowaways. There should be no opportunity for unwanted pests to get inside luggage throughout its’ journey from home to the island.

Dogs and Cats

Unlike the other pest free islands in the Hauraki Gulf, Dogs and Cats are permitted on Rakino. Whilst on the ferry, dogs must be on a lead and under control at all times, and a muzzle should be carried if your dog has tendencies to nip or is known to be aggressive towards other dogs. The skipper may request that your dog be muzzled. Cats are permitted on board as long as they are in a travel carrier. All animals are carried at the discretion of the skipper.

If you have any questions or queries regarding biosecurity, please contact us or one of the biosecurity rangers/advisers listed here

Rakino Island – Sandy Bay

Ferry arrives and departs from the public wharf at Sandy Bay on the southwestern tip of the island.

Pick Ups/ Drop Offs

There is vehicular access to the wharf itself though consideration needs to be given to other users as space is limited.


Some street side parking is available on South Pacific Rd.

Downtown Ferry Terminal – Pier 14

Ferries depart from Pier 14, which is located directly opposite the bottom of Albert St.

Drop off/ Picks ups

There is space available on Queens wharf beside the Ferry Building which is suitable for quick pick ups and drop offs.


The downtown car park is closely situated with the entry located at the corner of Lower Hobson St and Customs Street West.

There is a weekend special available for Entry after 3.30pm on Friday and exit before 8am he following Monday: $22 More Info

We are the proud providers of the Downtown direct to Rakino Island ferry service.

Belaire Ferries pride ourselves on delivering a quality passenger service with an emphasis on safety and customer satisfaction. Idyllic Rakino Island is only a 45 minute trip away from Auckland’s CBD and is a fantastic destination for weekend getaways or day trips. We support the community’s endeavors to keep Rakino pest free.

Departing from Pier 4 at the Downtown ferry terminal, which is conveniently located near the Britomart transport hub, We provide a direct service to and from Rakino Island on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays as well as additional sailings during peak summer and public holiday weekends.

Bookings are not required.


Do I need to book?

There is no need to book, however we do ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to departure to allow time for loading luggage and ticketing

On those days when we expect large number of passengers we endeavor to provide a larger vessel. On the odd occasion when there are more passengers than we can carry we send the ferry back to pick up those left behind. there might be a bit of a delay but no one will be left stranded.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets are all sold on board. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and Eftpos

Do you accept Super Gold Cards?

Auckland Transport does not offer SuperGold fares on this service.

Do you have parking available?

Drop-off and loading bays are available on the eastern side of the Ferry Building. Weekend and long-term parking is available at the Downtown Carpark. There is a weekend special available for entry after 3.30pm on Friday and exit before 8am the following Monday: $22 More Info

Can I travel to Rakino Island from Stanley Bay?

Some services offer the option of a pick up and/or drop off at Stanley Bay. Please check our timetable for availability.

Can I travel to Rakino Island from Hobsonville Marina?

At this time there is no interconnecting service available.

What happens in the case of bad weather?

It may be necessary to postpone a particular service. Passengers are advised to call the customer service line or check our website for updates. Ph 09 416 6344

A text alert will be sent out to those registered for our text alerts. If you would like to receive text alerts for the Rakino Island Ferry Service, text ‘RAKINO” to 021 043 2597 or email your contact details to sales@belaire.co.nz

Registration text will cost a standard text fee. All text alerts sent to you will be free of charge.

How much luggage may I carry?

Please click here to view our luggage allowance. 

Can I bring a dog or a cat?

Yes, suitably restrained dogs and cats are permitted free of charge. All animals are carried at the discretion of the skipper, and it may be requested that your dog be muzzled if it has a tendency to nip or bite.

How can I transfer large amount of freight?

Belaire Ferries recommends using the Sealink service Sealink Freight

The Facilitator barge is another option: M.V Facilitator

Where do I go to connect to other public transport?

For all public transport information please contact Auckland Transport on (09) 366 6400 or Online Here